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    Here are my swimsuits / bikinis of SUMMER 2016! Showing you the swimsuits I got for this summer / a try on haul of all of the suits! Please give this video a thumbs up if you like it / want more summer outfits of the week!

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    Watch SUMMER OUTFITS 2016

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    hey guys! Today's video is my first SWIM video for SUMMER 2016! These are the swimsuits / bikinis I bought for summer 2016.

    I'm showing you the suits I'll be wearing this summer in this try on swimsuit haul and telling you my honest thoughts on them [some good, some bad] Also showing you how I wore them / my outfits of the week from my summer vacation! Hopefully this video could inspire you guys for your summer wardrobe / give you some summer fashion ideas.

    These are outfits I've worn / are my personal style, but I hope that you can maybe draw some inspiration from them to wear in your own way!

    I've listed the brands for all of the pieces down below so you can see them in case you liked specific pieces.

    I generally try to describe things in terms like 'high waisted bikini' or 'halter one piece' vs saying 'my balenciaga purse', because you don't need to have the exact bag or bikini to wear a similar style- you can recreate it with pieces that fit your taste and budget and that's what I want to help with!

    I filmed this video in Jamaica on vacation / a little bit of a summer break- enjoy the colorful background and not colorful clothing :)

    This video was filmed at the Hillside House Jamaica / Round Hill Resort! It's SO gorgeous and I really was excited to film a new fashion video in such a beautiful location for you guys!

    If you enjoyed this video please let me know by giving this video a thumbs up / writing me a comment down below!


    I'm linking all the specific pieces I've worn / similar items / less expensive options on my blog! I post what I'm wearing and multiple options for all price points / search for similar looks so you don't have to! If you want specifics make sure to go to!

    Suit 1:
    One piece swimsuit: windsor
    Sandals: windsor
    Kimono: Tart
    Sunglasses: Balenciaga

    Suit 2
    Long Sleeve One Piece: Cover Swim

    Suit 3:
    Swimsuit: Oye

    Suit 4:
    swimsuit: solid + striped
    hat: topshop

    Suit 5:
    Bikini: Solid + Striped
    Kimono: Tart

    Not sponsored! :)

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