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    You won't BELIEVE what my closet used to look like! See the extreme closet makeover and the amazing storage + organization transformation! Give this video a thumbs up to let me know if you liked it!

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    Hey guys! Today's video is an extreme closet makeover on my closet in my apartment! This closet was a storage closet but it was seriously a hot mess.

    I thought I would film the process of cleaning out my closet, setting up the closet storage + organization and show you the final closet makeover!

    This closet was in my office and I wanted it to be able to function as my actual work closet [I mean, before I was storing my extra beauty products in my kitchen- it needed to be done!]

    The storage I was using came from the container store.

    I used the Elfa system with the white top and the platinum mesh drawers.

    I used this system before in my walk in closet and I knew I liked it!

    Tips for your own closet makeover / closet organization + storage:


    Take everything out:
    I like to start by taking everything out of the space.

    This way you really have to decide what is staying and it's easier to declutter!


    DIY Organization + Storage:
    I like to set up storage systems.It makes it so much easier to keep the closet clean and tidy if there are specific storage spots for everything!


    Group by function
    I like to organize by function or type of product [purses, socks, etc]
    This way it's easy to find what you're looking for and even easier to keep the space organized in the future!

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