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    Want to know the TRUTH about why I'm leaving LA? Want to know why I'm moving OUT of my loft?! Answering everything you want to know about why I'm moving! Give this video a thumbs up if you liked it!

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    hey guys!

    today's video is answering all of your questions about why I'm moving OUT of my loft + why I'm leaving LA! I've lived in my downtown loft for almost 2 years + I'm finally moving OUT of LA!

    You guys left me questions about my move over on instagram / fb / twitter [follow me if you want to submit questions for the next q+a video!] so today's video is me answering all of those: the truth about why I'm leaving LA, why I'm moving, what I don't like about my loft, am I moving in with my boyfriend, etc.

    I will be filming a new house tour once I move as well as other moving / organizing / home tour videos! Let me know what videos you guys would like to see in the comments! Also..

    if you're reading this, would you want me to do weekly vlogs for vlogmas? I can't commit to every day [it was really bad for my health when I did it] but I would do weekly vlogs if you would be interested!! Let me know down below!!

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