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    Today's video is how I actually plan for a month / all about how I plan! Got so many requests to do another plan with me in my Erin Condren weekly planner so here you go! This is how I stay organized and plan my month! Please give this video a thumbs up if you like it and want to see more!

    HOW TO PLAN YOUR DAY! My favorite planners, notebooks + pens!
    because we're real friends.

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    Hey guys! Today's video is all about how I plan my month, how I stay organized + how I keep my life together! This is how I plan for my month in my weekly planner.

    I use the Erin Condren weekly vertical planner in neutral.

    I like to stay organized / plan my weeks by seeing what I know I already have going each month and then I can fill the rest in as it goes.

    This way I know at a glance what I have going each day / what the next week looks like!

    I'm someone who prefers to keep physical planners/ write out my to do list for the day.

    I like to visualize my schedule but also the process of planning my day is so therapeutic! I'm obsessed with very minimal notebooks / planners / black + white etc.

    My aesthetic applies even to my school supplies.


    I started to use planner stickers because I like how organized they make your planners.

    I am a little crazy when it comes to my writing / the type of person who if I make a mistake I will rip out the entire page and throw it away.

    Stickers help things look organized + neat but I still wanted them to be neutral / more minimalist.

    The stickers I'm using are from [thank you girls for the stickers!]:
    Scribble Prints Co:
    Candace Skaggs [direct link to neutrals kit]:

    *If you guys have a sticker shop / make neutral stickers, I would love to see! Send me your links /send me a message!!

    At some point I would love to try and make my own stickers for my planner.

    Let me know if you'd be interested in this / if you'd like to hear more as I try out the process.

    I hope you guys enjoyed this video about how I plan for the month! Let me know by giving this video a thumbs up / writing me in the comments!

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