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    Here it is! My REAL night routine for WINTER 2017! This is what my typical night routine / winter night routine looks like for me! Give this video a thumbs up if you liked it!

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    My morning routine in my new house + easy healthy breakfast idea!:

    because we're real friends.

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    hey guys!

    This is my night routine for WINTER 2017 and also the first video on my channel in the new year! This is what my REAL night routine looks like! I always feel kind of weird filming a night routine because I don't have much of a routine [minus taking a long bath and watching law and order svu] so I hope you guys like my real look at what my night's look like!

    I decided to film my winter night routine while I was on a trip to Aspen because it was actually freezing and snowy- I currently live in LA and it doesn't get a real 'winter', so this was actually what I did when I was out in the cold all day and the products I used!

    My routine is pretty much the same if you have watched my routine from last year minus new products.

    I'm still doing my system of makeup remover wipes, micellar water + moisturizer because that's the system that I've found to work best on my skin.

    I have dry / sensitive skin so I always stick to products that won't irritate my skin and will keep it moisturized [without looking greasy or feeling heavy bc that's gross]

    Huge thank you to L'Oreal Paris for bringing me to Aspen to try out the new products! I am a L'Oreal Paris Brand Ambassador / I have been working with them for the last two years- they are so nice to let me try out all of their new products and I always choose what I want to share with you, what worked for me, and what I truly love.

    All of my opinions are always my own and these are the products that work for me!

    Products shown:
    Micellar Water
    Hydra Genius moisturizer
    [this product is coming soon but I've had my hands on it for the last month- it's INCREDIBLE.

    My boyfriend uses it at night.

    That's how good it is]

    Where I was:
    Viceroy Snowmass, Aspen

    Wonder what it's like to ride in a helicopter? Watch my video from this trip!:

    HAPPY NEW YEAR!! So excited to start a new year with you guys! Comment down below what videos you want to see in 2017! I love reading your comments and suggestions and I want to know what videos you like best!


    thumbs up this video if you see my camera balancing in weird places throughout it.

    I decided to film this video in my hotel room and I literally had the camera balancing on towel racks, on the floor, pretty much anywhere I could find to get all the angles.


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