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    In case you've ever wondered what I eat in a day [so thrilling] here it is! This is on a day when I'm working / editing from home.

    I'm trying to cook more meals at home / save money so this is what an average day looks like! Try out HelloFresh here: http://bit.ly/2h9E0Ev

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    hey guys! Today's video is a what I eat in a day video.

    I really like watching these videos on other channels [they're weirdly fascinating?] so I decided to make one of my own.

    Not gonna lie- on a typical day- I don't have a typical day.

    Each day looks different.

    Sometimes I'm traveling, sometimes I'm at meetings or rushing around, so on the few days I do get to just work from home, this is what it looks like.

    I've been trying to save more money and cook more of my meals at home these past few months.

    I've also been trying to be healthier too so that's another reason why I'm trying to eat more at home.

    Hopefully what I eat in a day / quick easy recipes can help you if you were looking for some new fast /easy meal ideas or healthy snack ideas!


    Iced Coffee [almond milk ice cubes, unsweetened iced coffee, almond milk + caramel]
    Acai Bowl
    My healthy + easy breakfast recipe:
    Half an avocado, a banana, handful of spinach, almond milk, frozen berries + a generous tablespoon of acai powder.

    Blend together + top with granola, chia seeds, shaved almonds, almond butter + fruit.

    A very easy acai bowl recipe + it's delicious!

    I don't normally eat one big meal at lunch time because it makes me tired / lag through the rest of the day.

    I'll stick to healthier snacks and smaller portions throughout the afternoon to keep my energy up!
    -Avocado toast: avocado, olive oil + salt

    Four Seasons Trail Mix: almonds, dried cranberries + semi sweet chocolate chips.

    Equal amounts of eachother mixed up.

    Seriously, try this snack.

    It's freaking delicious.

    Hummus: heated, with olive oil + parmesan
    Cucumbers, Carrots + garlic Naan bread

    I've been trying out the meal delivery service HelloFresh.

    I travel consistently and it's hard to keep groceries without them going bad so this has been a great option for me because they send the exact amount of ingredients that you need to prepare a meal.

    In this video we made the steak and potatoes recipe- we were pretty impressed with how it turned out!
    -Rosemary potateos, Onion + Cabbage, Tri-Tip steak.

    DISCOUNT CODE: You guys know that I love to share deals / discounts with you guys! If you wanted to try out HelloFresh you can use the code 'carlyc' to get $35 off your first week of deliveries! I do not receive anything if you use this code and I will not even know if you do use it- this is purely if you wanted to try it out also and wanted to save money doing it.

    Thank you to HelloFresh for partnering with me on today's video and for bringing you guys this discount code!!
    HelloFresh: http://bit.ly/2h9E0Ev
    Code for $35 off: carlyc

    Let me know if you guys enjoyed this video / like these types of videos by giving the video a thumbs up! Also give this video a thumbs up if you liked that Cody filmed it with me!! He's still getting used to the camera so help him feel welcomed here :)

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