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    Easy life hacks you NEED to know for having a clean and organized house! These are the tricks + tips I actually use in my daily cleaning routine + how I keep my house clean and organized! Give this video a thumbs up if you like it!

    10 things you DON'T need in your closet:

    10 life hacks for a clean + organized house!
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    Hey guys! Today's video are some of my best life hacks for having a clean and organized home.

    I use these tips in my daily cleaning routine + they've helped me become a cleaner, more organized person! Everyone loves the concept of spring cleaning, but it might seem overwhelming to actually do.

    These are my tips on how to have an organized home and be productive!

    I'm a naturally disorganized type of person.

    I like things to be clean, but I'm also the kind of person who has tons of clothes piling up in their room.

    These are hacks I learned in my own life that really helped me be more productive, be more organized and keep my house clean!

    These are easy life hacks + easy ways that you can realistically keep your house clean.

    If you learn to develop these habits to keeping your house clean, it will begin to seem easy and come naturally to you.

    I've been doing these for so long that they are just my habits for keeping a clean house!

    These are also my tips on how to be a more organized person: by writing lists, separating things by task + timelines, you will find it easier to accomplish more and have a more organized life!



    20 Minute speed clean
    Daily trick: set a timer for 20 minutes and challenge yourself to clean in this time.

    I also like to listen to a podcast / audiobook during the time to make it more enjoyable.


    Declutter your clothes
    The start of the season is the perfect time to go through your clothes and get rid of things you haven't worn / won't wear.

    If you want more specific tips on what to get rid of in your closet, click my video above for the top 10 things that shouldnt be in your closet!


    Sell + Donate clothes
    I like to sell / donate the clothes that I end up cleaning out!


    Display what inspires you
    This could be seasonal decor, for me its seasonal outfits that I put out in my rolling rack.

    I change out the clothes on my rolling rack each season and update it with pieces that inspire me for that time!


    Declutter surfaces
    An instant trick to making your home / space look more organized is by clearing the surfaces.

    This will make any area look instantly clean and put together!


    Go through excess
    Any extra beauty products you haven't used? Stuff in a junk drawer you haven't organized? Now is the time to go through it! I like to give away products to friends if I have things I haven't used that they would like.


    Organize by groups
    Color code, group by function and order, separate into organizes.

    I love to color code my closet because it makes putting things away so easy! I also love to separate my bathroom beauty products into different containers that go in cabinets.

    I found my containers from target!


    Pick a specific room or area
    If the thought of spring cleaning sounds overwhelming, pick a specific area you will focus on [ex: your desk, your closet, etc] by narrowing it down to one space it will seem much more manageable!


    Set timelines on specific tasks:
    It helps me to set specific days + times for things I want to accomplish.

    Wedding planning seems overwhelming when I have to still be working and doing my normal life routine: I like to set aside specific weeks for things [one week videographers, one week florists] and set aside specific times [one hour each day etc] that I will dedicate to that task.

    That way it seems much more manageable and I'm getting everything done that I need to in life, work and wedding planning!

    These are easy life hacks that will you develop habits to have a clean + organized house ,and help you to be a more productive + organized person! Let me know if you guys like videos like this by giving this video a thumbs up and letting me know in the comments! xx

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